Renewable chemicals commercialisation to step up in 2018

The year 2017 saw several announcements that point towards a more focussed intent to construct demonstration and commercial manufacturing facilities for renewable chemicals. However, it was also a year of uncertainty with several established players and buyers such as M&G, Abengoa, DowDuPont, Greencol, Toyota Tsusho, Coca-Cola, Solvay, and TerraVia, among others, either exiting their biobased chemicals and biofuels businesses due to financial difficulties or retreating to the sidelines as economics for renewables continue to struggle against the backdrop of low crude oil and petrochemical prices.

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A subscription to our  Bio-Materials Chemical Business Focus can give you further insights like this on the state of the markets world-wide.

Handbook of Commercial Bio-based Chemicals
Each month in Bio-Materials and Intermediates Chemical Business Focus,  in addition to the news items and reviews of developments, there is a Chemical Profile, which offers a comprehensive yet compact summary of the market for a particular chemical – in both its petro-chemical and bio-chemical forms. We have now combined the profiles we have compiled over the past three years into a Handbook, which contains reviews of the research and development that is taking place for the chemicals listed below.

This is an essential compendium of successful and close-to-successful bio-based materials. Tecnon OrbiChem hopes that it will become an essential companion to the researcher looking for concrete examples of successful bio-innovation, and an inspiration to the forward-looking entrepreneurs seeking to help society prepare for a sustainable way of life.

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Chemical Business Focus
Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-Materials and Intermediates Chemical Business Focus is a ground-breaking monthly newsletter service, which was launched in September 2013.

The service offers a detailed and comprehensive coverage of markets, prices and developments for bio-based chemicals and bio-polymers, alongside that for their petrochemical equivalents. It also covers oleochemicals in the same report.

Product areas covered monthly, along with price assessments where available, include:

  • ETHYLENE & POLYETHYLENE including feedstock ethanol
  • POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) including paraxylene
  • EPICHLOROHYDRIN including epoxy resins
  • POLYLACTIC ACID (PLA) and polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)

Our extensive coverage also includes Industry News as well as Economic News and Agricultural Feedstock News affecting the Bio-Materials markets.

In addition, each month, there is a new Chemical Profile, which offers a comprehensive yet compact summary of the market for a particular chemical – in both its petro-chemical and bio-chemical form.

As with all Tecnon OrbiChem Chemical Business Focus reports, subscription to the Bio-Materials service includes online access to price histories, charts and trade data, as well as the reports themselves, which are produced in full colour, can be read on-screen or printed out, and are easily navigated using menus and internal hyperlinks.

For more information or to request a sample please contact

Doris de Guzman
Senior Consultant – Bio-Materials
Phone: +44 207 924 3955

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