Phthalic anhydride and orthoxylene supply in Europe remains tight as spot prices continue to rise

Many of the problems that had been affecting several phthalic anhydride plants in West Europe have now been resolved. However, product supply is increasingly tight and many producers continue to hold low inventories. Contract requirements are being met but material for the spot market is limited. Prices have continued to increase for both molten and flake material and producers/traders are sold out for at least a month in advance.

Atmosa, the largest flake producer in Europe is currently in the midst of a 5 week turnaround at its 50ktpa unit that started on 18 April. The unit in Austria is expected back online towards the end of this month but the flake market is anticipated to remain tight for some time yet. The markets in Southern Europe are said to be tighter than those in the North of Europe as they have been impacted by some further small unconfirmed production issues.

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