Epoxy Resins: From Feast to Famine

There has been a significant change in the global epoxy resins landscape in the first two months of 2017. It was only last summer that epoxy resin prices had fallen to extraordinary lows. The European producers had drastically cut their prices to defend their market share from a rising tide of Asian epoxy resin imports and by early autumn, there was very little difference in pricing between Northeast Asian exports and domestic European sources. But this meant sacrificing margins, which according to all suppliers had fallen to such low levels that they could only be sustained in the very short term. Buyers, however, found themselves in an incredibly strong position, able to drive a hard bargain and succeed in getting bids down as low as possible.

But then two interesting things started to happen at the end of 2016 that saw the balance of power noticeably shift from buyer to producer. First, availability of raw materials began to shorten and as result prices rose hard and fast, particularly BPA. Then, it became apparent that the Northeast Asian epoxy resin producers, unable to withstand the low-priced environment, began to curb their epoxy resin shipments to almost half of normal volumes, immediately tightening supply in all regions…

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