Continued weakness in global GDP, particularly in China, has held global fibre production growth below recent trends during the last two years. World fibre production in 2015 modestly rose to 91.9 million tons from 90.7 million tons in 2014. As in 2014, fibre output fell in all regions with the exception of China and South and Southeast Asia. Our expectation is for better growth in 2016 with total fibre production increasing to 94.6 million tons.

The growth outlook for synthetic fibres continues to be dominated by polyester. Polyester fibre, both filament and staple, production grew by 4.5% in 2015. Polyester production growth is expected to marginally improve in 2016 to 4.9%. Chinese production accounted for 71% of global polyester in 2015 and slowing GDP in that country is a major factor in recent weakening growth trends for this fibre.

Although polyamide filament and acrylic staple are much smaller than polyester, they represent an important part of synthetic fibre production. Some recent trends include…

  • Polyamide filament production continues to growth about 1-1.5%/yr, although growth is focused in just a few regions
  • Acrylic fibre production declined nearly 5% in 2015 after falling 3% in 2014

Tecnon Orbichem’s Synthetic Fibres S/Db-CHEM is a truly comprehensive service, containing all information you need on Acrylic fibre, Polyamide filament, Polyamide staple, Polyester filament and Polyester Staple. Supply/Demand data, Trade flows, Consumption trends, Capacity listings and Historical prices.

This publication also contains an analysis and discussion of trade and consumption trends for the various fibre end-use categories. Also included are historical and future production projections (to 2025) of all types of fibres, including wool and cotton, to build up a coherent global picture. Our forecasts are driven by projected growth in GDP, which historically has shown remarkable correlation with fibre consumption.

The report provides tabular details, for each country worldwide, showing capacity, production, trade (imports and exports) and consumption by fibre type, supplemented by graphical representations highlighting trends in various parameters.

We believe our study provides an invaluable insight into present and future trends in fibre production and consumption, relevant to all those associated with global manmade fibre and associated businesses.

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CHEMICAL BUSINESS FOCUS – A Monthly Roundup & Analysis of the Key Factors Shaping the Synthetic Fibres Markets
Each month, subscribers receive a comprehensive look at current activity in the market, including pricing information for all of the main product areas in each of the key regions. In addition, subscribers have online access to 10 years historical prices to download as Excel files from our website, to Trade Tables and Charts and, on a quarterly basis, Plants & Projects listings which contain the latest information with regards to capacity developments in the Synthetic Fibres industries.

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