2016 review: Chlor-Alkali Market Bloomberg Webinar

For the rest of this month, we will be posting several videos that captured some of our market coverage throughout 2016.

Here is one webinar on Chlor-Alkali market from our collaboration with Bloomberg in July. The webinar focused on M&A in chlor-alkali and PVC as our experts, Charles Fryer and Janet Wright, analysed pricing and prospects amid the changing chlor-alkali/PVC global landscape.


A Monthly Roundup & Analysis of the Key Factors Shaping the
Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls Markets

Since 1981 – The World’s First Market Monitoring Service to the Chlor- Alkali Industry

Each month, subscribers receive a comprehensive look at current activity in the market, including pricing information for all of the main product areas in each of the key regions. In addition, subscribers have online access to 10 years historical prices to download as Excel files from our website, to Trade Tables and Charts and, on a quarterly basis, Plants & Projects listings which contain the latest information with regards to capacity developments in the Chlorine/Caustic Soda and EDC • VCM • PVC industries.

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Supply and Demand World Analysis

Tecnon OrbiChem has recently updated its outlook for the chlor-alkali & vinyls industry as part of its S/Db-CHEM service. An executive summary is provided as part of each service and will look at some of the key changes that are now happening in the industry.

Tecnon OrbiChem’s S/Db-CHEM is a truly comprehensive service, containing all the information you need on – Supply/Demand data, Trade flows, Consumption trends, Capacity listings and Historical prices.

Production, Consumption and Trade data are based on an analysis of historical data and forecasts out to 2025.

Further details of these services can be obtained through our website or by the following links:

Tecnon OrbiChem Individual Projects Studies is a core business service of Tecnon OrbiChem and has been providing confidential reports to clients for over 30 years. Tecnon OrbiChem’s confidential consultancy services advise on strategic technical and market issues, production costs, price and margin analysis to Chlor-Alkali and other sectors. We have a worldwide network of professionals with market, economics, operations and technology expertise and experience working in the major petrochemical corporations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. They are supported by data analysts in London and Shanghai.

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Charles Fryer
Phone: +44 207 924 3955


Janet Wright
Business Manager – Chlor-Alkali & Vinyls

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